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From God's Point Of View. (must read)

"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he". Proverbs 23:7. And to often in life the way we think
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Brother Omar about 1 month ago
If you can gain this concept then life will become that much easy to deal with
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How Do I Counsel Her?

A colleague mistakenly just posted a sex tape of her meant for her husband into our Association
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Dr. Yaw Ansong Jnr about 2 months ago
Well, if the members of the association have her at heart, I think she should first delete the video
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Dr. Yaw Ansong Jnr about 2 months ago
Apparetly whatsapp has a delete message button; and hten call all friends individually and plead that they delete their copies
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Dr. Yaw Ansong Jnr about 2 months ago
if they are good friends they should comply
Matthew Wandam about 2 months ago
first, it is never a good idea to send files like "These" over the web. i bet you, curses cast into the ground will face up one way or another. lets be careful
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Efya Dufie about 2 months ago
Some pple are stubborn they will not delete them n go ahead and show it to others. this is a difficult one
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Theophilus Aikins about 2 months ago
yh very true, some will never delete it even when u bribe them....moreover they may be seeking opportunities to get you and you ve brought urself
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The Model

LIVING WORD DEVOTIONAL BY PASTOR MENSA OTABIL March 30 A MODEL _Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by
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Dr. Yaw Ansong Jnr 10 months ago


The title of today’s message is ‘RESPECT” by Prophetjones “Wives submit yourselves to your own
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Solomon Ansah about 1 year ago
God bless you man of God
Jones Ofori-Attah about 1 year ago
Amen and bless you also
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The title of toady’s message is  PEACEMAKER  by ProphetJones “It better to dwell in the corner of