An Irregular Prayer Life


Is a consistent and significant prayer attitude something you may be lacking? If you can say “Ouch!” to that question, you are probably guilty of wimping out when it comes to a regular prayer life. First Thessalonians 5:17 says exactly how we should be when it comes to an attitude about prayer— Pray without ceasing. But frequently, our circumstances and moods can fluctuate how often we pray. For example, when times are good, prayer will occur whenever it’s most convenient. But during the bad times we have no problem directing our petitions to God, hoping to establish a close and personal relationship with Him. And what’s even worse, we may even feel rejected and get angry when God doesn’t answer in the way we expect.      The key to having a close and personal relationship with God is no secret. Consider what it takes to regard someone as a very close friend. Regular and earnest communication has to take place if there’s a genuine desire for one another’s friendship. Without it, there is no fundamental basis for that close knit friendship. Regular communication is fundamental to any friendship and is certainly fundamental in the establishment of a strong relationship with God. We have to pray regularly and earnestly. He wants us to communicate with Him daily and without ceasing. But much too often, our circumstances and moods dominate and cause us to wimp out.      Perhaps, the major obstacle that prevents us from an unadulterated prayer life is our failure to completely acknowledge our dependence on God. Because of that, we may even fail to realize His presence within us which, no doubt, causes us to wimp out in our relationship with Him and avoid obeying Him fully. Conversely, when we do acknowledge our dependence on God, we will find it natural to pray frequently. David certainly provided a pattern of frequent prayer in Psalm 55:17. With this passage, he set a visionary model of how to maintain our priorities as God’s people. Daniel also provided the same pattern in Daniel 6:10. Just as these two Bible figures, we also should have a disciplined prayer life.      If you can confess that you sometimes allow diversions – the overwhelming circumstances of this world, your shifting moods, and tendency to not fully acknowledge your dependence on God – to interrupt your prayer life and dominate the time in which you should honor God, then you are well on your way to avoiding the habit of wimping out when it comes to an effective prayer life.
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