Joyous Celebration 20!

If you know me, by now you know how much I love me some JC (If you don't know what that is, it's likely I'm mad at you)! I got to know about them as a lowly tenor in my campus choir- my director was a fan and got us to do a lot of their songs... even made us watch the DVDs during rehearsals breaks. Anyway fastforward to a few years later, a friend purchased their JC 18 DVD for me and it changed my life! It made me a fan. Although I have personal favorites on all the DVDs especially JC17 (because that Mwelase knocked his joint out the park! and Motho? I'll run to Puleng any day and don't let anyone tell you Uyangihola is the song of the century, grab a JC17 now to know it for yourself or YouTube it if you're cheap! ), I think JC18 is my best DVD. My nights were all about Inxaniwe and my mornings were about Bhekani uJehova! 19 is no joke either and way to start with Sikhululiwe! I thought I had an attitude when I sing Kubo Bonke oThixo but you should see me belt Sikhululiwe in alto saints!.... (and I said 'see' not 'listen' okay! ) I was excited to see all the buzz about JC20, especially because it was going to be at a stadium. I live in Ghana and so I knew I wouldn't be there but like most of my Ghanaian Joyous heads, we turn to social media for all our tea.... and oh there was some hot tea! It appeared the fans who were viewing from home had concerns (I mean obviously- watching from a tvbox doesn't get any fun and then you have to deal with intermissions, etc. That will certainly make anyone grumpy!) So what turned them off? Let's see... There was a Zakes Bantwini, house music artist or 'secular artist' (that's if you put it in judgemental parlance). Apparently he sucked and of course if you're not a Christian music artist on a gospel show, you're already looking in from the outside and so you better be dope! Some complained about an appearance by Somizi- similar concerns as Zakes. The saints want to see your baptism receipts and your tithes card hunty!!! Especially if they have to squint about your sexuality- oh no the saints don't like that! Another concern which sounded quite ridiculous to me was the 'Americanized sound' and even attires of the choir. So there was what seemed to be a praise break by Mnqobi I think (I haven't watched it so I'm unsure) which is probably responsible for the tagging of the whole taping as Americanized! If there is anything to learn here, it is that everywhere, the too-Americanized thingy is a breach! So you were right Ghanaian gospel concert crowds! Just ridiculous! I also heard the songs were too regular and that there weren't many new or remade 'fossil' songs! I know right?! First of all, I applaud who ever coined the term 'fossil songs' - such creativity! Anyway to a Ghanaian like me, I have no idea which songs are stone age or new age, it's all fresh to me! Isn't God good?! All these concerns were wrapped up in a tiny little bow with the inscription 'they've lost the Spirit'! At this point I was a little concerned so I decided to do what Omari does best! Interview people! I spoke with a good mix of both fans and observers who attended the show or otherwise. Most of the attendees loved it! They blamed the critical stance of the home viewers on poor broadcast, hypocrisy, insufficient information(as it relates to the rest of songs that were not televised and the fun and 'Spirit' that filled the whole stadium that didn't experience). There was a repeat of the show days later on tv which made me even more nervous but apparently this time, people got a better sense of it and were not as critical. The singers on stage were also able to view and reflect on what went on to check if really things were that bad. It really wasn't. The saints were being to critical maybe. We can also blame the hype and fuss 'on the road to Joyous 20' for creating an expectation of the unthinkable. Finally, we can blame the poor insatiable hearts of human beings. :-) Frankly, I don't care. I'm only reporting. I can't wait till Easter time to lay my hands on the JC20 DVD! I can't wait to see my favourites Mkhululi, Sbu, Andiswa, Xolile, Buhle, Sylvester,Mnqobi, Hlengiwe and that glorious JC alumni choir! Let's keep supporting great music! If you have a concern about something going bad, well as Nomthi sang, 'Take it to the Lord in prayer'!
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The best Music Experience! Let's have all the fun!
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Dr. Yaw Ansong Jnr about 2 years ago
Welcome Bro....Been watching out for you :)