Thousands Protest Norwegian Embassies for Return of 5 Christian Children Seized by CPS

Bodnariu protest
WASHINGTON — Thousands of Romanian Pentecostal Evangelicals peacefully protested Norwegian embassies in five national capitals, including Washington D.C. on Friday, calling on the Norwegian government to free five children who were removed from their parents by child services last year after a teacher complained about the family's Christian faith.The three sons and two daughters of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu were taken into custody by the Barnevernet (Norway's child services) on Nov. 16, 2015, after their daughter's teacher cited concern about the family's belief that "God punishes sin."Despite not having been tried in a court of law, the children have been placed in three separate foster homes and the parents have been granted limited visitation rights. The family also claims that the agency has initiated the adoption process for the children on the grounds that they were physically abused.
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